Math Attacks – iPhone / iPod game

Number infested meteors are about to hit and destroy the Earth. Is your math good enough to save it?!! Try to save the world in over 400 levels.

Use your mental arithmetic to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers in order to solve the number that destroys the dangerous meteors.

Math Attacks is a learning game for children age 4 and up, that will have fun practicing their arithmetic skills.

Math Attacks has progressive levels, becoming challenging even for grown ups at more advanced levels.

Math Attacks has 4 different game plays, each of them becomes progressively more challenging:

“Classic” – start with simple addition of two small numbers and by level 100 you get to master addition, subtraction and multiplication of three and more numbers.

“SubZero” – starts also easy and gets more difficult with each level, however it involves also among positive numbers also negative ones.

“Zen” – Never fail scenario. It has the same game play as classic, however meteors do not crush into Earth, therefore the player can take his/her time to solve the equations.

“Blitz” — it is also a progressive a game play, however it starts with many meteors threatening Earth, making the player compute faster and faster to solve equations.

All this arithmetic fun for free, with In-App purchase you can get unlimited levels of entertainment and learning.

The game play is very simple and intuitive, just ONE tap to select meteors for calculations in order to solve the given number. Math Attacks has another approach as most of the game out there, instead of having “2 + 2 =?” it encourages the player to find different ways of calculating 4.

Math Attacks has also Game Center enabled therefore you can see how good are your math skills around the world


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